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Loan Package Kit Template
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Our loan package kit will help you assemble your loan request and present it to you banker in the form he likes to see.   It can also provide you with hints on how to increase your chances of getting your loan.  Included in this template is 15 different schedules, checklist and worksheets.   You can complete a dry-run yourself to see how you might improve your loan request in the eyes of the bankers.  It is almost like having a banker on your side.   The total cost for this template is only $30.00.   That is only $1.66 per worksheet.  The current version being shipped is 1.5.

Itemized below are just some of the schedules included in this template:

Give yourself a loan grade just as the bankers do
Loan Request Checklist
Expanded Loan Amortization
Comparison of different loan amounts, interest rates and term
Break Even analysis-discover what yours is
Discussion of loan types-which is best for you?
Different Source for Loans
Ratio analysis and comparison to your peers
Z-Score Bankruptcy Predictor Chart
Rates of Return Calculations

By the time you complete the work on this template you will have improved your chances of getting that loan, presented it in a form lenders like to see.  We even include a sample Loan Request which you can use in your request.  Merely replace the information on the sample with your own.

Software Requirements

Requires Windows 95 or higher and Excel  for Windows Version 97 or higher
Requires standard Windows 95 RAM  ( 8-16 Megabytes )
Takes up approximately 2.0 Mb of hard disk space
You may use the software on as many as three computers concurrently
Current Version now being shipped is 1.5

The product code for the Loan Package Template is LPT and it can be found on Classic Series Page of our shopping cart.

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