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"Help for Small Businesses at an Affordable Price"

Ameriwest Business Consultants is devoted to helping small and medium sized businesses succeed.  Our forty plus years of experience in banking and consulting uniquely qualifies us to help people who already own an existing business or want to start a new one.  We feel that small businesses are the "Heart and Soul" of this country and enjoy working with people to help keep their dreams of success from turning into nightmares.

 We offer PROFESSIONAL help in areas such as business planning, business valuations, development of financial projections, profitability analysis, loan packaging assistance, website design and general business consulting.   On this Website, we provide general business tips, description of our services a listing of monthly specials and links to other business resources.

Our line of business / financial / analysis software is intended for individuals and business professionals who want to save money and have the time to prepare their own business plans, loan requests, sophisticated financial projections or complete a financial analysis of an existing business.  You do NOT need an accounting or financial background with our easy-to-use, affordable software.  In fact,  you don't even need a manual. Everything you need is right in the program itself in the form of tips, hints and suggestions along with detailed directions for use. It is designed for new business hopefuls, existing business owners, consultants, managers, accountants, bankers, small business development companies, or anyone else who regularly deals with or advises small to medium sized businesses.  Our Software has become the mainstay of numerous consulting companies, community banks and individual company managers.

You may reach us by using any of the following methods:
Fax:     719-380-7096  Telephone: 719-380-7096

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